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Wildlife Removal?
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This page is intended to introduce you to our wildlife and pest animal removal division. It is basic information only.

Wildlife removal and pest animal removal services include rat removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, armadillo removal, squirrel removal, feral cat removal, bird removal and many more! Emergency Pest Patrol in Tampa has been your resource for eradicating everyday pests like, roaches, termites, spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, birds, rats, squirrels and more. Did you know we remove larger wildlife from the Tampa area too? Our Wildlife removal and pest animal control division supervisor along with your area technician are ready to remove, relocate or control these common urban wildlife animals.

Like all our pest control services, our wildlife and pest animal removal prices are the best, online and simple.

The most common Tampa area wildlife removal calls are for raccoons in the attic and opossum and/or armadillos in the yard. The cost for setting up the wildlife control service is $340 for any first capture and removal and $101 for each additional removal. The cost for armadillo burrow seal is $78 per hole. If the issue is rats, the charge is $413 for setting up the wildlife control service and includes all rats captured.

Shoppers beware!
Unlike our competition, we have no inspection fee, no per trip fee, no one week only limit or any hidden surprises of any kind. So, order with confidence!

Please note: Due to the urgency of some wildlife situations, our Wildlife removal and control division in Tampa is available 24/7/365. All after hour new emergencies are an additional $150 over and above the cost of the removal. An after hour emergency is any new wildlife removal or control service requested to be performed outside our normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Now that the wildlife or pest animal has been removed, we may recommend exclusion work and decontamination work. These services are optional and extend the life of the wildlife and pest animal removal service as well as reduce long term concerns left behind with their feces and urine. Due to the wide array of wildlife and pest animals in the Tampa, Florida area, these optional services are priced according to the scope of work needed since raccoon, opossum, armadillo, birds and other wildlife removals have their own biological concerns and points of entry. Our wildlife removal and pest animal control specialist would be happy to inspect and estimate the cost of these services, if needed. This exclusion and decontamination inspection and estimate is free.

If you have an immediate need, please don’t email. Please call 1-877-ON-PATROL. Otherwise, email your questions or concerns. Our wildlife removal and control supervisor would be happy to walk you through the process and explain everything before any work or expense would begin.

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