Fighting Zika With Mosquito Control

Just about now, most people have been reading and hearing about the dreaded mosquito borne virus, Zika. This virus can cause detrimental health problems of an extreme nature and there is no vaccine nor cure. Considering it’s fast spread, now is the best time for implementing sound and secure mosquito control. Zika is a virus that originated in Africa. It’s now been let loose and is showing up in the Caribbean, South America, The United States and parts of Asia. This virus has no defense Read More +

How to Select a Pest Control Company

Selecting a reputable pest control company that’s going to serve your needs requires a few critical steps. It’s important that you understand the necessary requirements for ensuring you deal with a reputable professional, and one that uses trusted ingredients. Many pests like mice or even termites can cause utter destruction of your home, and cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not more in structural damage and other inconveniences. While there are many effective measures to prepare, prevent, and treat home pest invasions sometimes Read More +

4 Things to Know and Do to Keep Termites Out

Termites can destroy houses, wreak havoc on your home, and easily cost thousands of dollars or more if left untreated. Termites can be found all across the country, and there are over 40 types of species of termites, complicating the matter further. Take into consideration these steps and measures to prevent and apply termite control as necessary: 1) Moisture filled environments are some of the most appealing to termites, in particular, subterranean termites, and there doesn’t have to necessarily be wood involved to attract them. Read More +

Pest Control: Getting Rid of Those Pesky Rodents

Why do I have mice or rats in my Home? Both mice and rats come from a long history of nearly 100 types of families and sub-categories. Often, immigrating, traveling, or migrating throughout various locations across the United States. While typically these migrations take years and years to develop, this does not take away from the very real threat and reproductive habits of current mice and rats local to you and your home. Often, seeing as little as one rat or mouse in your home Read More +

Identifying and Treating a Subterranean Termite Infestation

Understanding termite infestations, behavior, and the developmental aging process that incorporates both the evolution of these pesky critters, and their wreaking havoc on your home can be limited – especially if you do not have prior knowledge or experience. A pest control strategy can only be effectively measured and applied once it’s been verified that termites are active, what type, the locations, and to what capacity. Some of the most common trends and behaviors of Subterranean termite infestations are the building of tunnels – or Read More +

The Importance Of Termite Control

Termites are a menace to the development of civilization of mankind.  They used to be a food source but as men used wood to build their homes and other structures, they attracted termites to dine on them thus causing severe and dangerous damage.  This is where termite pest control comes in. People have been seeking for and using whatever hey could get their hands on to get rid of termites. Some of these substances are harmless to humans and their pets and some not so. Read More +

The Battle Over Bed Bugs With Genetic Pest Control

Once more the menace of the global bed bug infestation has risen to the top of the news pages. These pesky little prehistoric creatures have been wreaking havoc on sleepy people all over and the battle is still on, however, this time scientists have made a breakthrough via genetic means by finally sequencing the dna of the bed bug. Bed bugs are tiny little buggers that subsist on the blood of other animals, int his case, we humans. They’ve been around since prehistoric times and Read More +

Emergency Pest Patrol working on a Drywood termite interior application

Drywood termites are a tropical termite and not found naturally outside of the tropics. Compared to Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, do considerably less damage. This is due to their smaller colony size. Less mouths to feed means less damage! Drywood termites swarm at night in the late spring through summer. They readily infest the structure and when they swarm, they infest the contents too. When this happens, tent fumigation is sometimes recommended, however only as a last resort. Below is the photo of Emergency Pest Patrol Read More +