Raccoon Prevention – How to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons. They’re cute (especially the babies). They’re clever. But when they make your home theirs, they’re nothing short of a menace! The interesting thing about raccoons is that they are not really “wild” animals. They are like rats, unwelcome urban neighbors. Raccoons are scavengers and thus, they are far more common in our cities and suburbs than they are in the wild where they’d really have to work for their supper. You might ask, if they’re so common, why haven’t you seen any until it Read More +

Pesky Pests That Can Damage Your Home, Part 2

#6 in the list is no slacker. Fire ants are a major pest in the southern U.S. and they certainly have earned their place in our top ten list. A typical fire ant colony produces large mounds of soil or sand in open areas, and they mostly feed on young plants and plant seeds. They’re known to attack small animals and can kill them given the opportunity. Unlike many other ants, which bite spray acid on the wounds they create, fire ants bite only to Read More +

Pesky Pests That Can Damage Your Home, part #1

#1 on our list is the ultra-destructive termite. Each year termites cause over $5 billion of damage to homes and property, according to the National Pest Management Association. Termite control is not something easily performed by laymen. In fact, just the process of identifying the termite can be difficult for the non-professional as they are often misidentified as ants or flying ants. A professional exterminator will help homeowners identify the particular variety you have encountered and will use a targeted method of control to eliminate Read More +

Mosquito Pest Control

Each day, you might be wondering if mosquitoes will be in your yard, ready to feed as dusk sets in. It’s become a chief concern for Floridians that spend a good deal of time outside ever since the Zika virus has made it to US shores. Children outside playing, people gardening, and those tending to the lawn and yard are more susceptible than others due to the amount of time spent outside. Mosquitoes are best known for the feeding habits of adult females that feed Read More +