Black Widow Spiders Are No JokeWe’ve all heard horror stories about the Black Widow spider.  These tiny black spiders with the bright red hourglass like patch on their backside, are one of the most legendary fearsome in the spider family.

Spiders invoke all sorts of terror in people.  Some people suffer crippling forms of arachnophobia, fear of spiders, to the pint just the picture of a spider can send them into a tizzy.  This is for good reason as some spiders, not many, can kill from their bites.

The Black Widow however is rarely fatal but can cause lots of discomfort and misery if the bite is not handled by a professional medical treatment as soon as possible. The female is the the most aggressive of the species and gets her name from the rumor that such spiders eat their mates after mating.

These spiders spin webs and nests in hidden spots like close tot he ground, in baseboards, cluttered areas, in woodpiles and other yard places that aren’t moved or disturbed.  Outhouses, sheds, and so forth.  As long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you, however, spiders don’t always take into account the goings and comings of humans.  They do however avoid busy areas so you won’t find them at doors or windows but it’s still cautious to look around.

Taking precaution means being vigilante if you live in areas where Black Widows and other poisonous spiders dwell.  Routine examination of your property, inside and out is a good idea.  Use a broom for those hard to reach areas and don’t try to capture the critters.  It may seem harsh but killing them means they won’t return. You have to think about your family and your safety.

If you have kids and pets, check them if they’re out in wooded areas.  Also, check furniture, tools, and any items that have been outside, even if it’s only been for a day or so.  You never know what could be clinging to them just waiting for a chance to get inside your home.

Overall, the best part of spiders that they don’t come en masse.  You won’t see an army of spiders like you see with ants and roaches which is another reason they can be hard to detect.  Look for webs, old and new, and take the proper steps to remedy the situation and you’ll be spider free.
Image credit: Wikipedia