Mosquito Pest Control

Each day, you might be wondering if mosquitoes will be in your yard, ready to feed as dusk sets in. It’s become a chief concern for Floridians that spend a good deal of time outside ever since the Zika virus has made it to US shores. Children outside playing, people gardening, and those tending to the lawn and yard are more susceptible than others due to the amount of time spent outside. Mosquitoes are best known for the feeding habits of adult females that feed Read More +

Fighting Zika With Mosquito Control

Just about now, most people have been reading and hearing about the dreaded mosquito borne virus, Zika. This virus can cause detrimental health problems of an extreme nature and there is no vaccine nor cure. Considering it’s fast spread, now is the best time for implementing sound and secure mosquito control. Zika is a virus that originated in Africa. It’s now been let loose and is showing up in the Caribbean, South America, The United States and parts of Asia. This virus has no defense Read More +