Beating Down On Ants, Roaches, And Fleas

The big three bugs to watch out for for any homeowner or business are ants, roaches, and fleas.  These three buggers can bring about disaster ranging from disease and illness to lost revenue.  That being said, it’s time to look at not only how to get rid of them but also the most important step of pest control, prevention. These creatures are age old combatants of mankind.  They’ve infested human domiciles since the dawn of civilization and even further back.  They’re resilient and aggressive and Read More +

Getting The Facts On Termite Control

Ever sine man started making his homes from wood, the pesky termite has had him in battle mode.  Termites around the world can wreak havoc, destroying entire structures and causing injury and sometimes death.  Fighting these creatures has involved a variety of methods and to get an idea on how to combat them, we need to look at some facts about them. The first question to ask is, why should you be that concerned about termites?  The answer is simple.  They are highly destructive.  Once Read More +

Everybody Hates Mosquitoes

It’s summer and mankind’s #1 adversary is at it again.  The pesky mosquito, the welt raising, disease spreading, winged insect that has killed more people since the beginning of time than any other cause of death. Yes, the mosquito is humanity’s worst enemy.  It brings disease, death, discomfort no matter where they dwell.  They’re the bane of existence to just about every other animal as well.  A swarm of mosquitoes can drain a cow of over 9 pints of blood in less than a week, Read More +

Pest Control Means Ants Control

One of the most pesky pests in the US are the common carpenter ant. These industrious creatures are a marvel to behold, with their engineering, community infrastructure, self sacrifices, and proliferation.  They are called carpenter ants because they dwell in damp wood and excavate the wood so that they can colonize it.  Their efficiency is rarely matched in the animal kingdom, and are respected by scientists even though they can cause extensive damage to a home. The basic way to prevent them from infesting your Read More +

Pest Control Means Keeping An Eye Peeled

The various pests that can inhabit a home are numerous.  Some are benign and others can be quite a threat.  Keeping a sharp eye out for them means you can both prevent and apply the right pest control. From rats and mice to fleas and ticks, you’re going to have to be vigilant regarding every area of the home, inside and outside. Most pests like those dark, out of the way places to set up shop.  They just want to chill out and enjoy themselves Read More +

Black Widow Spiders Are No Joke

We’ve all heard horror stories about the Black Widow spider.  These tiny black spiders with the bright red hourglass like patch on their backside, are one of the most legendary fearsome in the spider family. Spiders invoke all sorts of terror in people.  Some people suffer crippling forms of arachnophobia, fear of spiders, to the pint just the picture of a spider can send them into a tizzy.  This is for good reason as some spiders, not many, can kill from their bites. The Black Read More +

Some Neat And Natural Ways To Protect Your Plants

Since the dawn of agriculture, people have been looking for ways to protect their plants from bugs and other pest.  Believe it or not there are some simple everyday items you can use to effectively do this. Growing a garden is a big investment of time and money.  Having pests around that undermine things can lead to all sorts of problems especially if you use your gardens to produce food for yourself and family, not to mention also to market. The big chemical companies offer Read More +

Pest Control Tips: How To Keep Pests Out

Living organisms that are detrimental to humans directly or indirectly are called pests. Pests can animals as well as plants. Typically, organisms that can cause plague or epidemic diseases with high mortality are counted as pests too. Due to the nuisance-causing nature of pests, other organisms that have destructive nature are classified as pests too. Mice, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, etc. are some of the common insects or organisms that are described as pests in daily life. These animals are small but are capable of affecting Read More +

Natural garden pest control using insect-eating insects

Gardens need thorough maintenance in order to retain their charm. Any degree of negligence by the gardener or the owner can become the cause of its gradual decay. Gardens in large office premises are typically cared by professionals. However, vast majority of people do not hire nor do they intend to hire gardeners for gardens at their homes. Gardening is a good habit and has beneficial effect on health too. However, owners indulge in gardening as part-time activity while the pests that destroy plants and Read More +

What are bedbugs and how they can be controlled?

Bedbugs have been in existence since millions of years. Though they are known to feed on blood, they are harmless to human beings. Bedbugs cause no diseases in humans. However, some can definitely have allergies to the bites of the insect. It is quite difficult to do away with bedbug infestation completely, but steps can be taken forbedbugs control. There are a number of steps ensuring that the bedbugs are prevented from entering the homes altogether. What are bedbugs? Bedbug is a very small and Read More +

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Home

Wasps are scary, and although some don’t even sting they can still be a burden to deal with inside of your home. They make you uneasy, and it’s not a great feeling when you have to fear something that’s inside of your very own house. You shouldn’t let a wasp or two stop you from living your life normally, so getting rid of them for good is obviously quite useful in this case. Even if you don’t know how to do it you can still Read More +