Controlling Pests in a Safe and Sound WayPeople always wish to have a clean, tidy and a hygienic house that is free from pests and germs. However, the problem with pest control is that the poison which is used to kill pests can prove to be toxic even for human beings especially children. Provided are some of the ways through which people can maintain a pest free and clean house.

Keeping the House Dry and Clean

Water and food always attract rodents and insects so it is necessary to take immediate steps make the house less enticing to the pests.
Garbage should be cleaned on daily basis and accumulation food residue should be avoided.
Spills should be immediately wiped with water and soap.
Ripe fruits should be kept in the refrigerator.
Another way of pest control is to keep the kitchen and bathroom areas as clean and dry as possible.
The floors should be regularly vacuumed.

Sealing the Entryways

Crevices and cracks in moldings, baseboards, pipes, cupboards, sinks, ducts, electrical outlets and toilets should be sealed using silicone caulk.
Screen should be placed in front of cooling and heating vents for pest control and holes in existing screen need to be taken care of immediately.
Debris, stacked firewood and vegetation should be kept away from the house’s exterior so that pests are not offered with the opportunity to climb in and get inside the house.

Pesticides with Lower-Risk

Crevices and cracks can be applied with dust Boric acid which slowly kills insects like silverfish, cockroaches and ants. This substance is also quite less harmful towards human beings as well as other mammals.
Fatty acid soaps or insecticidal can be used for killing insects like mites, fleas and caterpillars. These substances forpest control are usually harmless towards mammals and human beings unless they are ingested.
IPM trained professionals can be hired for the job to make sure that the work is performed in the best possible manner with equal focus and attention towards health standards.

Minimizing Exposure

When it comes to pest control, it is important to make sure that exposure of everyone within the household is limited.
Frequent application of the pesticides should be avoided at all costs and application rate mentioned outside the container should never be exceeded.
Generally, pesticides come with detailed with instructions of application along with the precautions to be followed by applying like wearing gloves, goggles or masks. These instructions should be followed obediently so as to make sure that everything is done in the right manner.
Once done with pest control, the leftover pesticides should not be dumped in garbage, down the drain or on the lawn. This can lead to contamination of water along with the soil. It is always a good idea to check with public works department regarding how to dispose off pesticides.
It is important to ensure that pesticides residues, traps or baits are kept away from the reach of pets and children.