Does Your House Have Termites Find Out by Using These TipsOwning a house is not a cakewalk. Many homeowners find that they are constantly updating appliances, painting, or renovating. It seems as though the projects never end. One major problem homeowners can run into, no matter the age of the home, is a termite infestation. Termites are definitely not a walk in the park, so follow the tips outlined here to determine if your house has them or not and then begin a termite controlplan.

Mud Tubes are Major Warning Signs

One of the most obvious, and ominous warning signs of termites, is finding a mud tube in your yard. A mud tube can be several feet in length and usually runs from the ground to above your foundation. It is a sign that you have subterranean termites. The mud tube is the highway for the termites between the wood they eat and the moisture source they need to survive.

Wings on the Ground are not Good

So, the weather is nice and you head outside for the day. While outside, you notice a collection of insect wings on the ground. This is yet another bad sign that your property has termites. What you need to determine here is if the wings belong to termites or flying ants. This is a major difference that only a professional will be able to make. Finding wings means that the termites have recently mated and are swarming in the area, which usually occurs after it rains.

Unexplained Sawdust Could Mean Termites

Termites that are drywood will drill holes in the wood found at your home. The only way you can find these termites is by coming across the piles of sawdust they leave behind. These termites will eat any wood they come across in your home, including baseboards, furniture, and the floorboards.

Examine the Wood in your House

One of the best things you can do to figure out if you have termites at home is to examine the wood. If your basement is unfinished, go downstairs and look at the wood joists in the ceiling. If they have holes in them, seem to be damaged, or even have pieces missing, then it is a strong bet that you have termites in your house.

Should you find termites anywhere on your property or in your house, it is best to have a pest control expert take a look at the situation and provide a solution.