Fighting Zika With Mosquito Control

Just about now, most people have been reading and hearing about the dreaded mosquito borne virus, Zika. This virus can cause detrimental health problems of an extreme nature and there is no vaccine nor cure. Considering it’s fast spread, now is the best time for implementing sound and secure mosquito control.

Zika is a virus that originated in Africa. It’s now been let loose and is showing up in the Caribbean, South America, The United States and parts of Asia. This virus has no defense against it save for the application of mosquito control on a vast scale.

Scientists are moving as fast as they can to contain the spread of the disease using mosquito control and that ranges from chemicals to releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes that combat the spread of the virus. The average homeowner doesn’t have the high tech means to battle the disease and can only count on using known methods to minimize the risk.

One thing to do is make sure no standing pools of water are near the home that would allow for the spawning of mosquitoes That can be next to impossible for water rich areas like the Southeast. There are pools of standing water all over the place.

The only way to do any damage is to get professional mosquito control specialists to come along and evaluate your situation and use their tools and expertise to put down some layer of protection. This may all seem futile, but in this case, anything would be helpful.

There are many other techniques you can do to minimize risks and that includes common sense things like wearing repellent, keeping doors and windows closed, sealing up cracks to the roof and home that might allow mosquitoes to gain access.

With the outbreak of Zika, the government may have to present materials and services to the public to help. Keep a watchful eye on the news in your local area just to make sure you’re aware of any and if so, be the first in line to get whatever is offered.

Mosquitoes are resourceful creatures, having survived 100s of millions of years. In areas where bats are prolific, the Zika threat might be all but negligible thanks to these leather winged predators. Other natural predators like amphibians, spiders and the like might help fight the threat but Mother Nature hasn’t wiped out the mosquito yet, but mankind might.

So the battle lines are clear. Learn about mosquito control on your own. Do what you can around your home and even ask neighbors to chip in. Hire a professional mosquito control expert to come in and do their job. It may be the difference between menace and security.

Emergency Pest Patrol offers mosquito control service. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling a service call.

Image credit: angellodeco