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The first rule of engagement is “Know your target!”


This section is to help you identify the problem, determine it’s threat and control it without hiring a professional, without hurting yourself or hurting the environment. We perform Integrated Pest Management or IPM. Therefore the solutions you’ll receive from us is from the IPM perspective. IPM is a very target specific method of pest control. It’s finding and solving the pest at the source and requires a much higher degree of knowledge about each pest in order to gain control without pesticides or if pesticides are used, that they do not affect the surrounding environment. Therefore you need to know your target in order to prescribe a solution.

This library is to help you identify the most common pests you could encounter in your home or office. Simply click on the basic pest catagory links below to find pictures, descriptions and threats of the most common pests in our area. Each picture is explodable and some are zoomable. Nearly every pest in this library has a DO-IT-YOURSELF, home remedy, self-help section at the end of each description.

Note: Many people have been misled to believe you need professional-strength pesticides if you want real control. Not true! That’s like saying “If you can buy a scalpel, you can be a surgeon”. It’s not the tool, it’s the knowledge of the applicator. For some pests, using the wrong product, not only could be dangerous to you and the environment, but it may not help the problem and for some pests, it may make them worse! Get the knowledge you need for free, in simple terms, right here!

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