Pest Control Means Keeping An Eye Peeled

The various pests that can inhabit a home are numerous.  Some are benign and others can be quite a threat.  Keeping a sharp eye out for them means you can both prevent and apply the right pest control.
From rats and mice to fleas and ticks, you’re going to have to be vigilant regarding every area of the home, inside and outside.
Most pests like those dark, out of the way places to set up shop.  They just want to chill out and enjoy themselves while looking for food and avoiding predators. This is the domain of spiders and ants.  Termites are a whole ‘nother problem.
Taking time each month to survey your home is highly recommended.  Look between baseboards, attics, basements, behind big appliances, under beds and of course closets.  Most pests avoid busy areas but some are just bold and will reveal themselves if it’s time for searching for food or just playing around being curious.
Prevention comes from keeping places  clean and keeping windows and doors shut. Flies love to get into an area and lay their eggs and leave.  Don’t leave open food or stuff for the compost out in the open.  Clean the sink and stove as well as countertops all the time.  Never give pests a reason to invade in the first place.
If you’re storing things in attics and basements, keep them well spaced from each other especially walls.  The more areas pests can sneak around in, the more they will.  If your home is inviting, they’ll take that invitation.
Keep areas dry and don’t pick or sweep things up later.  Procrastination is your worse enemy in this regard.  Old bags are a most appealing hang out for pests and that means you should store them more efficiently.  Never save a bag that has debris or organic stains.  These attract bugs, bugs attract spiders, and so on.
Rats and mice bring fleas and ticks.  So do pets that have been outside playing around.  Check your pets regularly and keep their food and water dishes clean.  If you do outside work or if you have kids who play in the brush you should check their clothing for ticks.
Keeping brush and grass cut short and away from the house won’t give pests protection and a way to sneak in.  Check your packages that you get from the store too.  Sometimes pests can hide in produce like fruits and veggies.  Also, be careful of pesticides.  Look for natural, organic like products.  What kills a bug or a rat can often kill you.
If you do find pests that are too much of a challenge to handle, hire a professional pest control service.  This will assure you that the right job is being done.  Check reviews for the services and also ask the right questions in regard to what they use and their procedures.  The professional pest control company will gladly hat you on all they do so you’ll be able to best take advantage of their services.

Taking the right steps at the start will mean a better and safe, pest free home.

Image credit: senkaya