Pest Control Tips How To Keep Pests OutLiving organisms that are detrimental to humans directly or indirectly are called pests. Pests can animals as well as plants. Typically, organisms that can cause plague or epidemic diseases with high mortality are counted as pests too. Due to the nuisance-causing nature of pests, other organisms that have destructive nature are classified as pests too. Mice, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, etc. are some of the common insects or organisms that are described as pests in daily life. These animals are small but are capable of affecting the human life or quality of life. People often remain worried about the invasion of pests and go to their extent prevent the intrusion.
There are various techniques to prevent the house from getting invaded by pests. The pest issue is so common throughout the world that municipalities have pest control departments, various companies produce speciality products and the developed countries have websites dedicated to it. However, there are some general and common things such as cleanliness that everyone should ensure before looking for special anti-pest products. A number of pest control steps that can be carried out daily can effectively keep pests out of houses:
Floor should be kept clean by wiping any spill off it immediately. Wiping with a mop or rag thoroughly is enough. However, use of safe cleaning substances is recommended. If the spill was wiped only with a mop or rag, it should be cleaned immediately to eliminate breeding ground for germs. Floor of the entire house should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week and that of kitchen twice a week.
Trash should be removed daily ritually. Trash encompasses everything that is of no use in the house and has to be eventually disposed off. Trash should not be left overnight since night is low-activity period for humans and vice versa for pests.
Vegetables and fruits, especially the ripe ones, should be stored in refrigerator.
Dishes should be washed daily. Dirty dishes should not be left overnight.
All types of food containers should be tightly sealed. Open vessels should be covered with a lid. Bags of pulses, cereals and grains should be kept in sealable containers.
Keepings things in the home dry is an effective trick. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms should not be kept excessively and unnecessarily wet. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible.
Pets are more vulnerable to pests and may act as hosts many. Many insects such as fleas and ticks thrive on the skin and/or coat of pets. So, they should be shampooed, bathed and brushed regularly.
Pest control chalks can be used to effectively seal crevices and cracks on fittings, ducts, pipes, cabinets, baseboards, etc.
Keeping the ground is clean and clear is important part of any pest control initiative. Piles of wood, heaps of leaves, jammed gutters, etc. are suitable breeding and thriving grounds for pests.
Following these pest control tips will significantly reduce the chances of insect entry into the home and subsequently prevent the house from infestation.