Pest Control (ODIE)



Product Description

Offense-Defense Insect Elimination Once A Year Pest Control (ODIE)

What’s ODIE?
An Emergency Pest Patrol exclusive! Our 8 step, once-a-year, no interior spray pest control system uses natural attractants and repellents to solve the most common pests found in our Florida homes and offices. ODIE (Offense-Defense-Insect-Elimination) Once-a-year pest control covers pests found in all homes like roaches, ants, spiders and silverfish.

What’s the process and how does it work?
Ask any strategist or coach, to win a game, it takes both a great offense and a great defense!

“O”ffense: A series of strategically placed odorless baits are applied in hundreds of cracks, crevices, wall voids, attic and crawl spaces throughout the treatment area where no cats, dogs or people can touch. This will lure and cure your current pest issues.

“D”efense: After sweeping the outside and removing wasp nests and spiders webs, 3 lines of defense are applied to the outside of your home or office and adjacent landscape. This repellent barrier will block-out any returning pests. It also blocks-in any pests trapped inside, forcing the pests to feed on the baits, accelerating the eradication process. It’s a one-two knockout!

This unique system is guaranteed to eliminate the pests and keep them out, all year round!
This detailed process is like no other in the industry and it’s just the beginning. Should the pests return anytime during the year, just call, we’ll dispatch a technician to you. Getting it right the first time, free’s us up to be….

“On patrol for you!”

It’s serious control, yet convenient, no messy indoor sprays, no offensive smells, mostly natural, fast response if the pests return and priced about the same as monthly baseboard sprays. Order ODIE today!

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