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The 2013 Subterranean termite swarm season is here in Tampa!

Some of the termite swarm pictures I’m receiving are huge!

If you suspect termites or you think you had a termite swarm and you want to be sure if it’s termites and not ants and you don’t want to wait for a strongarming, high dollar, push you around salesman, to show up at a different time than you scheduled, please keep reading.

(Ants swarm at night. Subterranean termites swarm during the day and they look like the black swarmers in the upper left corner of this page)
Still not sure if it’s termites or ants?

Contact us as soon as posible.
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For termite service options, prices, guarantees and more, please keep reading.
There’s a lot to know and a lot of myth’s about termites.

When it comes to termite guarantees, let’s get real

The BEST guarantee is not a piece of paper, it’s the one you never need!

Our competition talks about their million, billion, trillion dollar or unlimited termite guarantees? These termite guarantees are unrealistic and designed to make you spend more money to buy their product. If they had a termite damage claim as big as their guarantee, they would simply go out of business and you’ve got nothing. Also, big guarantees have big lawyers and they are on retainer to go to battle with you.

As of 2013, we’ve performed thousands of termite treatments and had 2 failures! Compare that with any company that will be honest with you. Why two? No termite treatment system is perfect and there would be no need to renew. Why only two? Simply put, our focus is to diagnose and treat your home correctly the first time. Then follow up until the termites are history.

This is why we say the best termite guarantee is not printed on paper.
It’s the results from an accurate inspection, a proper diagnosis, a well executed treatment and follow up.

Call today for a free termite inspection, without obligation. We promise… The best termite inspection with No tricks and No salesman! We offer a real termite inspection, realistic termite guarantees and several termite treatment and protection choices to fit your budget. The bottom line is we’ll help you understand if you have termites or not, what termite treatments work for what you have and what termite treatments don’t work and why. So when you choose to take action, you can sleep comfortably feeling empowered! It’s the only way at Emergency Pest Patrol!

Subterranean Termite (ST, STW, STOP, STOTS, STP)

Despite what you’ve probably heard, Subterranean termites will eat pretty much any species of wood, including cypress or cedar mulch and fences. However they do prefer softer woods, like pine.

Here are some basic’s on Subterranean termite and Drywood termite identification, behaviors, common termite myth’s and treatment choices.

Subterranean termites swarm during the day in the late winter to spring.
Subterranean termite swarmers will not infest your furniture and tenting is never the solution!
The Subterranean termite swarmer body is black with 4 clear wings about twice their body length. Subterranean termites can do considerable structural damage.

We use Termidor® and the Termidor® Perimeter Plus™ treatment system exclusively, requiring less drilling than previous termiticides and still achieve 100% control in 90 days or less. Don’t be fooled by ads saying “no drilling required”. Termidor’s® proven results are from extensive, real world, testing, that clearly is clearly spelled out on the label that drilling is required to completely surround your home with the treated zone. Not drilling, leaves gaps that the termite can and will find. Subterranean termites are a serious problem and not a pest to take shortcuts. After all, the best warranty is the one you never have to use. We will do all we can to hide the drilling by using specialized tools, drilling in less obvious areas as well as matching colors and textures. We hide it so well that customers have asked if we treated some areas because they couldn’t find where we drilled and treated! Choose the best subterranean termite treatment by choosing Termidor® and the Termidor® Perimeter Plus™ treatment system from Emergency Pest Patrol!

Note: As of 2012, the generic version of Termidor® is available. The generic version has a full drill out label. Insist on genuine Termidor® for the best results and least drilling.

We offer 5 types of protection against Subterranean termites.

  • (ST) This is best for those who want full treatment but at a minimal price. This is a complete treatment to the structure. It comes with a retreat warranty. An annual renewal option is available.
  • (STW) This is best for those who want absolute peace of mind. This is a complete treatment to the structure. It comes with a repair warranty up to $100,000 against any new damage following treatment. An annual renewal option is available.
  • (STOP) This is best for those who want renewable peace of mind at the lowest possible price. This is an IPM termite retreat program. It is an inspection with treatment to any active areas. It does not cover damages. An annual renewal option is available.
  • (STOTS) This is best for an emergency situations at a minimal cost. This is a 10’ radius treatment targeting just the affected area or areas. This is a spot treatment with a retreat only warranty with no option to renew. It is guaranteed for one year. However, within the first 90 days of treatment, you can convert this to a complete (ST) or (STW) by paying the difference and we’ll treat the rest. Only a complete treatment has an option to renew.
  • (STP) This is a soil treatment for new construction only. The building code requires that a treatment be done for the prevention of Subterranean termites on new construction. We perform this service using 2 types of termiticides. This is an Emergency Pest Patrol exclusive! Under the slab, we use the longest lasting pyrethroid known to date followed by a Termidor® treatment for the final perimeter treatment. We’ve been doing this exclusive 2 product, 2 step system for over 16 years with no failures! It comes with a 5 year retreat warranty or you can choose to have repair coverage up to $100,000 for an annual fee.

When it comes to a pretreatment, (STP) don’t be fooled by the cheap treatment your builder will recommend. The builder chooses the low bidder and the low bidder is not looking out for your best interest. The state is actively pursuing these scrupulous builders and pest control companies for treatments less than label rate applications. The problem is so large, the state inspectors are only able to react to these failures.

Another Emergency Pest Patrol exclusive! All annually renewed ST or STW services receive a 5 year, booster treatment at no extra charge, to restore the original protection. This extends the protection well beyond the normal life of the original treatment.

Drywood Termites (DWT, DWTOTS)

Drywood termites are a tropical termite and not found naturally outside of the tropics. Compared to Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, do considerably less damage. This is due to their smaller colony size. Less mouths to feed means less damage!

Drywood termites swarm at night in the late spring through summer.
They readily infest the structure and when they swarm, they infest the contents too. When this happens, tent fumigation is sometimes recommended, however only as a last resort.

We use Boracare® or Timbor® exclusively for the control and prevention of Drywood termites. This Boric Acid, mineral based product is applied to the affected wood by spraying and/or injecting. We do not use or recommend the use of “Orange oils” for termite control. Go to FAQ #15 for the latest research findings.

We offer 2 types of protection against Drywood termites:

  • (DWT) This is a complete treatment to homes or businesses. With this treatment option, Boracare® is applied to the accessable attic and/or crawl framing. Depending on accessibility and degree of treatment, a renewal option is sometimes available. Your technician will inspect and determine availability.
  • (DWTOTS) This is a local spot treatment with minimal cost. With this option, a treatment is applied only to the known affected areas. It has a retreat guarantee for one year and has no available renewal option.

Note: Regardless of what anyone says, these no-tent alternative systems have limitations and in some cases, we still recommend tenting. Only after a complete and thorough inspection will we make any recommendation. Rest assured, your best interest is ours too.

Termite Wood Destroying Organism Report (TWDO)

Some financing lenders require a “clearance letter” or “termite inspection”. This report, known as a WDO, is a full inspection of the interior, exterior, attic and crawl as well as other structures on the property like fences that abutt the home, detached garages, sheds, etc.

Due to so many variables, like size of your home and different types of construction, price is determined by inspection time. Expect an hour or more. We are frequently asked why it takes us an hour when our competitors can do them in a few minutes. The reason is simple, the inspection is only guaranteed for 30 days but most customers believe the report certifies them to be termite free for years! A sincere and thorough inspection takes time. We promise an inspection like no other with respect to your time.