How to Select a Pest Control CompanySelecting a reputable pest control company that’s going to serve your needs requires a few critical steps. It’s important that you understand the necessary requirements for ensuring you deal with a reputable professional, and one that uses trusted ingredients.

Many pests like mice or even termites can cause utter destruction of your home, and cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not more in structural damage and other inconveniences. While there are many effective measures to prepare, prevent, and treat home pest invasions sometimes it’s necessary to hire a professional, licensed, pest control expert. Not only can misuse of pesticides cause damage and harm to you and your home but can even be ineffective and a waste of money.

Don’t be Swayed by Gimmicks
If you believe or know that you have a pest problem it’s best that you do your research online or through local, approved, and licensed pest professional shops or businesses. Utilize resources like the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and ask for references from the pest control experts or business you’re interested in. If in doubt, contact the State Attorney General’s Office or look into the States Departments of Agriculture to verify both that they licensed, and have not had any complaints lodged again them.

“Pest control experts” that go door-to-door should likewise be avoided. While marketing and advertising this way is not illegal, it often can be a bad sign. Though a free estimate and quote for work are desirable, be mindful of who you trust to come into your home. If a “pest control expert” approaches you with “evidence” of pests without your permission, or indicates that your home is sure to be destroyed in the near future without their services it’s best to steer clear. Also, if your pest control professional or agency offers a “package” deal such as lawn mowing, painting, or any other unrelated service this is a bad sign, so avoid any “jack of all trades”.

Trusted Products and Businesses
Understand that not only a trusted and licensed pest control professional is most practical, but also that the professional you trust is using trusted, EPA chemicals and that they’re being applied correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask for the ingredients label, as this can help you to monitor and ensure they’re being used correctly.

A reputable, trustworthy business will also offer some level of guarantee with the services it renders. This is why it’s so important to create, review, and fully understand a contract before taking on a licensed, pest control expert. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for credentials, and contact your local respective government agency for licensing details to verify. Typically, a pest control agency or contractor will offer a 1 to 5-year guarantee.

It’s important that you understand the requirements, what’s involved, and how to properly prepare your home, any necessary follow-up treatment, and how to identify once chemicals have dried to safely return to your home.

Lastly, don’t forget, pesticides are extremely potent, and any valuables and living animals should be removed from the house before treatment begins – this includes fish tanks and air pumps. If you’re still unsure if you’ve found the right pest control professional share the quote and contract offer with a trusted friend, or, seek reviews online through a popular site like Yelp to protect your home, health, and money.

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