Spring Forward With Pest ControlWell, winter has come and gone for the most part and spring will soon be upon us. That means yard work and outdoor chores and activities and unfortunately bugs.

With the weather warming up, the insects and arachnids will be busy establishing new ground and reclaiming old ground and unfortunately that may also mean your home as their battlefield. Each pest poses its own threat to your quality of life. Some of them can cause havoc with your food supplies, others can damage the infrastructure of your home, some can infest and damage furniture, and worst of all, they can look at you as a snack or a threat and put the bite on you.

In this situation, depending on your locale, preventative measures must be put into place. That can include anything from sealing up new cracks and holes caused by winter weather damage, to putting on new coats of paint or cement. Often just routine maintenance around the home or office is enough for a good foundation and then other measures can be applied. Make sure brush and debris are away from the home. Don’t give the critters anything to bridge on. Get rid of debris on the roof and any branches that could act like a bridge as well. Make sure that any outdoor furniture you uncover that has been subject to winter’s wrath are clean as well and don’t bring them inside without a thorough inspection. Some bugs hibernate on them where you can’t see and once you bring them inside a toasty warm, moist home, you’re in for trouble.

Make sure pets are cleaned and inspected as well. Just one romp outside and some bugs can attach themselves to fur. Inspect all shopping bags too as sometimes produce can carry eggs or bugs in them. Once you bring them into the home, they just might dig in and cause problems later.

If you do get an infestation, take a good look and then call in a professional. There’s no telling how bad the infestation is at a glance. Things could be horrible behind walls and between flooring. A professional at pest control will know just what to look for. They’ll make an assessment based on the exterior and interior of the home with tools that can locate bugs anywhere. Once they do, they’ll work out a battle plan and rid the home of the pests.

Pest control is a science. It calls for knowing hundreds if not thousands of species of pests from insects to rodents, and even birds. Professional pest control experts will sometimes have to break out a saw or drill or crowbar to get at the pests, so don’t be surprised if it looks like a bit of construction going on in your home.

The best bet is to be prepared. Plan ahead and listen to good advice. If every year you have to fight ants, then you should be ready to battle them. If you have to deal with several species of ants it can be a nightmare, however, a pest control pro will be able to deal with them.

So put your worries to rest. Pest control involves due diligence on your part and expert attention from a pest control expert. Work together and you’ll be just fine.