Fire_antsOne of mankind’s oldest foes are the ants.  The industrious insects can be of a great nuisance and detriment to health and property and finding the right pest control solutions can mean the difference between a happy home and safe family.
Ants have been around longer than even the dinosaurs and are masters of survival.  They’ve endured planet killer events that have wiped out vast numbers of species over the ages and are thriving quite well today.  They come in a number of varieties and each is unique in their survival solutions which makes it tough to do the right pest control on them.
From the common carpenter ants to the notoriously dangerous fire ants, the varieties are a testament to species adaptation.  Each species of ant has figured out how to pest mankind no matter how we live and work.  Some will only infest our fields and damage crops and livestock, others will infest our homes in various ways causing structural damage, stealing food, consuming materials like electrical cables, caulk, glue, or whatever the little beasties find tasty.  They can leave structural integrity crisis in their path costing a small fortune or a large one to remedy.  Small children and the elderly can have dangerous reactions to their stings and venom to the point of needing emergency hospitalization. Pets as well can be plagued by ant stings.  No one wants a huge veterinary bill because of an infestation of ants.
Pest control for ants is then what’s called for and since there are such a variety of ants a variety of tactics and solutions have to be considered.  Professional pest control calls for the expert to do their detective work and first find out which type of ant is the problem, where are they nesting and infesting and how much damage has been done.  They’ll use a variety of tools and strategies to eradicate them in ways that protect the people and pets and livestock and doesn’t do further damage to the structures involved.
It’s best to discuss in detail with the pest control experts you choose and see what they’ll suggest be done.  They’ll also ask you a lot of questions to better assess the situation and be able to strike back at the six legged critters.  Once that is done they’ll lay down a battle plan, show you which insecticides if any will be used, traps, and even high tech pest control methods one might not be aware of are on the market.
Ridding one’s property of ants ensures that the persons, pets, and structures will not be injured or compromised.  Preventative measures should also be applied so listening to the pest control experts and getting these prevention and eradication procedures will mean a safer and saner home.
Image credit: Wikipedia