Ticks: A Royal Pain To Pest Control If there’s one creature that can drive a person crazy, it’s the tick. Along with the flea, these creatures have been a menace to mankind since day one. They’re arachnids, in the same class as spiders. They live on the fluids of other creatures, mostly animals, but also frequent humans causing massive harm and even death.

Ticks are small about a centimeter and are difficult to detect. Once they’ve bitten into a person they begin drinking blood and become fat and engorged. Removing the menaces is tricky but should be done cautiously and immediately as they can carry an y number of debilitating or deadly diseases.

Ticks often frequent areas of vegetation. They’ll gain access to a home by latching onto a pet or even a person’s clothing or the person themselves. Once they become embedded in the home it may be tough to get them out which calls for professional pest control.

A professional pest control company will know exactly what to look for. It can be a tedious task but it’s better to have a pro do it than wandering around in the dark on your own. The pest control pro will look in places for ticks you might not realize they little buggers can hide in ad using their special tools, they can eradicate them.

Ticks are difficult to remove from the body. You’ll need tweezers or forceps to do so. Don’t ever swat a tick or crush the body or the fluids inside will rush through the head and into the body’s blood stream causing potential hazard. Gently cover the head and mouth of the tick and squeeze and pull outward making sure to get all the mouth parts removed from the skin. Put the tick in a plastic bag or jar to take to the doctor to find if it’s carrying any diseases. Clean the would thoroughly with an antiseptic and see your doctor immediately. The earlier you check for a tick bite, the better, as sometimes they’ll bite, fall off and one doesn’t even know they’ve been here. Some will usually leave a big read ring on the ski but if your skin doesn’t show such marks you may be unaware of the bite until it’s too late.

Diseases like Lyme Disease, ca be debilitating and fatal if unchecked. Its a disease that is just horrible. Early detection and treatment are the best courses of action and to delay could prove costly.

Prevention includes lots of steps. Keep your outside lawn cut short. Don’t give ticks a foothold this way. If you have foliage close to your home then think about either getting rid of it or keeping it trimmed and cared for. Always check pets especially if they’ve been outside for a good amount of time. Ticks just love to latch onto a dog or cat. Same goes for any livestock you have. Examine your livestock for ticks. Get rid of any rodent bedding or bird nests nearby. Check for ground dwelling animals like gopher s, moles, and woodchucks too. Rabbits especially. If you don’t see their burrows then you won’t see the ticks that may be lying about.

Overall, a good inspection of house and home will avoid the pitfalls of a tick infestation. Keeping a vigilant eye out is the best course here.

Image credit: Erik Karits