What are bedbugs and how they can be controlledBedbugs have been in existence since millions of years. Though they are known to feed on blood, they are harmless to human beings. Bedbugs cause no diseases in humans. However, some can definitely have allergies to the bites of the insect. It is quite difficult to do away with bedbug infestation completely, but steps can be taken forbedbugs control. There are a number of steps ensuring that the bedbugs are prevented from entering the homes altogether.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbug is a very small and wingless insect and has a reddish-brown shade. The length of the insect is a quarter of an inch approximately before feeding. During daytime they hide on beds and the areas may include headboards, bed frames, box springs, mattress seams etc. and also in the crevices and cracks in the walls and in the furniture and floors. At night they are out. Though they are unable to jump or fly, the bedbugs crawl rapidly.

How do the bedbugs make their way into the homes?

Before knowing ways for bedbugs control it is important to know how they enter our homes. Bedbugs generally come from the infested areas and also from used pieces of furniture. They can take a ride over the luggage, backpacks, purses, or other things that are placed on upholstered or soft surfaces. They are also able to travel between the rooms in the buildings that have multiple units like hotels and apartment complexes.

How can the bed bugs be stopped from coming into the homes?

While an individual’s stay at a hotel, the bag must be placed on a suit case stand than on the floor or bed for bedbugs control. The rack should be kept away from the furniture and walls. When back home, the clothes taken to the trip should be washed and then put in hot dryer. Both used and new furniture should be inspected before it is brought inside. The tufts, seams, and cushions should be looked into.

How can a bedbug problem be known?

The bedbugs themselves can be seen, also the skins that they have shed, or the droppings in the mattress seams as well as other items present in the bedroom.

What are the ways for bedbugs control?

The problem can be controlled without doubt but it requires an IPM or Integrated Pest Management approach. This includes techniques that do not pose big risk to the environment and health. These are the strategies:
·         Remove all clutters primarily, most importantly in bedroom
·         Move the bed from the furniture and walls
·         The floors, windows, and molding should be cleaned every day. The seams and sides of mattresses, furniture, and box spring should be vacuumed. The vacuum cleaner should be emptied immediately and all dirt should be disposed in a covered or sealed container.
·         The bed skirts, blankets, pillow cases, and sheets must be washed and then put in hot dryer for thirty minutes. Box spring covers and mattresses, one used in controlling the dust mites, should be used. The zippers should be covered by duct tapes.
·         Pesticides can be used for bedbugs control, but only those that the US government has registered.