WILDLIFE REMOVAL THE SAFE WAYNo matter what you do you can’t always keep those pesky critters out of your home, especially when it comes to raccoons. Safe wildlife removal should also be coupled with smart prevention and we’ll look at how to do this.
Raccoons are very intelligent animals. They can get into place and spaces other animals can’t. Naturally curious and prolific, raccoons aren’t afraid of going into a human home even if there’s a dog present. Their lack of fear makes them a formidable challenge for wildlife removal.
The first step is prevention. Not leaving doors and accessible windows opened and unattended. Don’t leave garbage or food lying around outside and that goes double for pet food. Let the pets eat inside or you’ll attract raccoons, possums, skunks, and who knows what else. These animals can smell a sandwich a mile away and your culinary skills smell good to you and your family and just multiply that bar b que pork sandwich 100 times and that’s what a raccoon zeroes in on. Keep tree limbs and branches away from the home. It may look picturesque and cozy but it’s like giving a burglar a ladder. Raccoons will enter through chimneys too so look at your house for what would allow easy access to a raccoon and prevent having to do an expensive or dangerous wildlife removal operation.
Now, let’s say the raccoon has gotten into your house. Don’t scare it or corner it but use a good shout or bang a pan or pot or maybe use a broom to gesture. Raccoons will fight when backed up or cornered and they have sharp claws and teeth. You don’t want one that might have rabies too. Sometimes tossing some pepper, black ground pepper around like on the steps leading to the house will knock a raccoon out. They’ll sniff it or taste it and send them heading for the hills.
Overall, wildlife removal should be done safely and humanely but you still have to recognize you’re dealing with a wild animal. If you’ve small children or elderly who can’t get out of the way when one of these animals enters your home you may have to take a heavy hand but avoid it as much as you can. Same goes for vulnerable pets like puppies, kittens, and toy dogs. They can’t withstand a fight with a raccoon or even if you have a fighting dog, a fight with a raccoon can leave the dog injured or even killed.
So take precautions and use your common sense with wildlife removal. It will save you time, money, and lots of misery no matter how cute they are.
Image ctedit :Wikipedia