Bed Bugs?

“Night Night and don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!”

Bed bugs are back and they are here in Tampa! Bed bugs are human parasites and they’ve been spotted all over the country, including here in the Tampa Bay area.

If you suspect bed bugs, call 1-877-ON-PATROL for your inspection today.

We’ll send over a bed bug expert. Our bed bug treatment technicians received their training in the inner city homes and nursing homes in Chicago. Chicago is known as one of the leading bed bug meccas of the world. If you have these ugly, little, blood-sucking beasts, we’ll find them! If we don’t, look below for our Bed Bug prevention program. And if you have them, rest assured, we are ready and armed for the battle.

Don’t be a victim of an untrained technician!

We’ve seen roaches misdiagnosed or deliberately diagnosed as bed bugs. Had the customer not questioned their diagnosis, they would have paid thousands of dollars to eradicate them when our ODie pest control system solves this pest for fraction of the cost.

No bites?
Some people react to bed bug bites, while other don’t.
So how do you know?

This video was taken at a home where the customer knew they had bugs, even suspected they were bed bugs. The customer asked their pest control technician what they were. The technician wasn’t sure and treated for roaches with no success.
It was bed bugs…and thousands!

Don’t think you’re at risk of getting bed bugs?

Fact: It is estimated that as of 2011, 20% of the population in the US has been exposed to Bed Bugs.
That’s 1 in 5!
Is it you?

Call 877-ON-PATROL

Our extermination pricing is simple:
$50 inspection fee. If live bed bugs are found, the $50 is applied to the $395 charge per average size room. $100 for each cloverleaf area if the technician feels it’s necessary to successfully manage the bed bugs

Price includes a 3 month warranty.

No surprises!

No tenting, no leaving your home for days and still guaranteed the same!

Note: Emergency Pest Patrol is known for innovative, natural ways of resolving pest problems. However, due to the severity and threat of some bed bug infestations, heat or freeze applications may not be adequate for some infestations and may require additional treatments that are not natural.

Preparation and evacuation is needed to safely and effectively resolve these impersonal, yet intimate, devastating pests. Our bed bug specialist will come with our bed bug preparation directive and other information that will help you prepare for the bed bug process.

Bed bug prevention and protection program

What if I don’t have bed bugs? Does Emergency Pest Patrol offer any kind of prevention or protection?

Yes we do! Bed Bugs are everywhere. It’s not a matter of if you’ll get them, but when. Protect yourself against the costs associated with bed bug eradication by taking our bed bug prevention and protection program. It’s like having bed bug extermination insurance against these nasty little beasts. For a predictable $50 per bed, per year, we’ll come over, verify no activity and if you qualify, we’ll install a set of Bed Bug Moats® under each leg of the beds you want protected. The most common route a bed bug takes to get to your bed is via it’s legs. This nifty little bed bug monitoring tray provides a slippery first line of defense that bed bugs or other small pests simply cannot climb over.

If during your coverage period we discover live Bed Bugs on a covered bed*, we’ll exterminate them at no charge!

*Note: This bed bug protection plan has limitations. It is only available if you test negative at the time of inspection. This bed bug protection plan is limited to covered beds and their respective rooms. If there are more than one bed in a room, all beds must have protection or only the affected covered bed is treated under this program. No other beds, bedrooms or non protected areas are covered. For your whole home to be covered, all beds must have the program.

At Emergency Pest Patrol, we want to be your resource for knowledge and empowerment in battling the pests that bug us, with the least amount of environmental impact including, bed bugs.

Night night and don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!
But if they do, call…

1 (877) ON-PATROL (667-2876)