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Carpenter Ant (CA)


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Carpenter Ant Service (CA)

Carpenter-AntAn Emergency Pest Patrol exclusive! Carpenter Ants are known for their damage. However, they are more of a nuisance than a threat to the structure. We offer a unique 2 step system of inside and outside to specifically target Carpenter Ants.

Outside: We apply to the outside of your home or office a material the ants will pick up on their feet and while grooming, ingest the material and mix it with food or water in their gut to make a bait that they will share with others in the colony.

Inside: We apply a flushing fog to your attic, made from a flower extract. It will drive the Carpenter ants out, over the exterior treatment. It gives them a one-two punch knock out.

This service is guaranteed for 90 days! And, if you wish, you can convert it to our OD™ Once-A-Year pest control system any time within the 90 days for the difference. You’ll love being free of not only Carpenter ants, but roaches, spiders and silverfish too!



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Prices and ordering Carpenter Ant Service

Are you ready to stop sharing your home and office with Carpenter ants? Order your guaranteed 90 day carpenter ant eradication service today! Note: If you’re not sure of your square footage, please call or e-mail your request. We’ll send over a technician to measure. If you’re not there, we’ll leave the information at your door. Thank you for choosing Emergency Pest Patrol! “We’re on patrol for you”