Fire Ant Services

Fire ants are very common throughout the Tampa Bay area. Parts of the year, the activity is only below ground and not visible. Other times, their mounds appear above ground. Hint, they are here year round. These biting and stinging insects are known for the itchy, burning, pustule that forms following being stung. Some people and pets are allergic to this fire ant sting and need medical attention following an exposure.



Annual Fire Ant Service (AFA)

We offer a year round fire ant service using two products. First we bait the visibly active fire ants to get quick control. Secondly we broadcast Top Choice© fire ant granules to the coverage area. They require rain or watering to release the active ingredient, Fipronil. The active ingredient is released and attaches to the top one inch of soil. This is the area fire ants tunnel. The active ingredient is picked up by the fire ants while tunnelling and foraging, ingest the active ingredient while grooming and distribute it to other fire ants within the colony. The active ingredient remains in the top one inch of soil, controlling any fire ants that may enter into the treatment area up to one year later.

Our one year service agreement includes the initial Top Choice© and bait treatment, a 30 day follow up evaluation and quarterly evaluations to spot treat any possible problem areas insuring you of trouble free protection all year round.