Annual Flea & Tick Service (AFT)


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Annual Flea & Tick Service (AFT)

Ticks are not very common in our area and are rarely from outside. Most often they are a result of pets traveling out of state or from a stay at a local kennel. Ticks are vectors of many diseases. Ticks climb walls and rest in cracks, crevices, behind pictures, ceilings, under and in your furniture, etc. The treatment products and procedure is the same as the flea services listed above except treatment is much more involved. Treatments are high and low, behind things, on legs and bottoms of couches, chairs, beds, etc. Additionally, ticks require more than one treatment, not sooner than once a week until eradication.

(AFT) Annual Flea/Tick Service: 1 year service, for an ongoing problem that may require many treatments throughout the year. With this option you may call any time during the year and we’ll retreat at your request for no extra charge.