Rodent/Wildlife Preventive Service (WPS)


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Rat/Wildlife Preventive Service (WPS) is recommended for homes, offices or areas of high rat pressure and only when there is not an active indoor infestation. (WPS) is not recommended if a (WX) had not been done because there is no guarantee that rats will not find open entry points in your home or office. (WPS) controls an outside rat issue, but does not guarantee against other rodents.

Note: (WPS) is not for the control of an active indoor rodent problem. See Rodent/Wildlife Corrective Service (WCS). (WPS) automatically renews quarterly until you cancel or will automatically cancel if your payment is not received by the next quarterly renewal date. A secured rodenticide bait box is installed approximately every 50 linear feet around the foundation or as needed to protect a covered area. Quarterly we inspect the exterior of your home, office or other control area and check for rodent activity. If a breach has occurred during the coverage period, we will as needed, add boxes, traps, increase the frequency of visits or other control measures as needed to regain control of the coverage area at no extra cost until the activity is controlled and then return to quarterly prevention.