Pesky Pests That Can Damage Your Home, Part 2

#6 in the list is no slacker. Fire ants are a major pest in the southern U.S. and they certainly have earned their place in our top ten list. A typical fire ant colony produces large mounds of soil or sand in open areas, and they mostly feed on young plants and plant seeds. They’re known to attack small animals and can kill them given the opportunity. Unlike many other ants, which bite spray acid on the wounds they create, fire ants bite only to Read More +

The Battle Over Bed Bugs With Genetic Pest Control

Once more the menace of the global bed bug infestation has risen to the top of the news pages. These pesky little prehistoric creatures have been wreaking havoc on sleepy people all over and the battle is still on, however, this time scientists have made a breakthrough via genetic means by finally sequencing the dna of the bed bug. Bed bugs are tiny little buggers that subsist on the blood of other animals, int his case, we humans. They’ve been around since prehistoric times and Read More +