Annual Flea Service (AFS)


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Annual Flea Service (AFS)

Fleas are best controlled at the source, your pet. At this time, we recommend Comfortis®. However, sometimes you may need a boost. We use two products to control fleas. Pyrethrin a natural product from Chrysanthemum flowers or Permethrin, a synthetic version, to kill the adults and larvae. And an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator, Methoprene) to prohibit the insects production of chitin. Chitin hardens the insects exoskeleton following molting, therefore prohibiting the metamorphosis of eggs to larvae and pupae to adult.

(AFS) Annual Flea Service: 1 year service, for an ongoing problem that may require many treatments throughout the year. With this option you may call any time during the year and we’ll retreat at your request for no extra charge.