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Bees & Yellow Jacket wasp control (B/Y)

Bees and Yellow jacket wasp control in the Tampa bay area is very common in the rural areas, however, we do find them in urban areas too. These pests can be deadly when provoked! Colonies are hundreds to thousands and they can fly faster than you or I can run. If it looks too big or they threaten you, call a professional. Call Emergency Pest Patrol.

Bees are beneficial and crucial for the local agricultural economy and ecology. If they are not a threat, we recommend ignoring them or if you are inclined, contact a bee keeper to relocate Honey bees. Note: Bee keepers charge $1000 or more to relocate Honey Bees. If this is not within your budget or it is yellow jackets and immediate elimination is desired, please call 1-877-ON-PATROL now. For bee and wasp control we evaluate the degree and location of the problem during the day and depending on the size and location of the nest, treat them at night.

Due to so many variables, on-line pricing is not available. Call 1-877-ON-PATROL today.