The Battle Over Bed Bugs With Genetic Pest Control

Once more the menace of the global bed bug infestation has risen to the top of the news pages. These pesky little prehistoric creatures have been wreaking havoc on sleepy people all over and the battle is still on, however, this time scientists have made a breakthrough via genetic means by finally sequencing the dna of the bed bug. Bed bugs are tiny little buggers that subsist on the blood of other animals, int his case, we humans. They’ve been around since prehistoric times and Read More +

Emergency Pest Patrol working on a Drywood termite interior application

Drywood termites are a tropical termite and not found naturally outside of the tropics. Compared to Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, do considerably less damage. This is due to their smaller colony size. Less mouths to feed means less damage! Drywood termites swarm at night in the late spring through summer. They readily infest the structure and when they swarm, they infest the contents too. When this happens, tent fumigation is sometimes recommended, however only as a last resort. Below is the photo of Emergency Pest Patrol Read More +

Spring Forward With Pest Control

Well, winter has come and gone for the most part and spring will soon be upon us. That means yard work and outdoor chores and activities and unfortunately bugs. With the weather warming up, the insects and arachnids will be busy establishing new ground and reclaiming old ground and unfortunately that may also mean your home as their battlefield. Each pest poses its own threat to your quality of life. Some of them can cause havoc with your food supplies, others can damage the infrastructure Read More +

Need A Pest Control Expert? Here Are Some Tips

When your home or office are under attack from pesky insects, mice, or other vermin, you’ll need to get a pest control professional asap to handle the problem. There are lots of pest control companies in every city and town but knowing what to look for regarding the best you can hire calls for being aware of not only what it takes to qualify, but also what that pest control company can do and has done. When it comes to pest control, one has to Read More +

Rat Control by Tampa Pest Control Company

Emergency Pest Patrol (, a Tampa pest control company is setting up rat wall which is made to prevent rodents to get into homes crawl spaces. Call best pest control company in Tampa at (813) 933-1911 for a quote or a consultation.

Getting The Low Down On Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants are a royal pain to get rid of but if they’ve infested the home, it’s a wise idea to get rid of them, but doing so the smart and efficient way. Carpenter ants are big and black in color. They can grow to a length of about ½ inch if not a bit bigger. They’re not poisonous nor can harm humans, but it’s the damage to the home or office building’s structure that poses the biggest threat. Yes they’re capable of causing damage Read More +

Pest Control Raccoon Repairs: Before And After

Wildlife removal and pest animal removal services include rat removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, armadillo removal, squirrel removal, feral cat removal, bird removal and many more! Emergency Pest Patrol in Tampa has been your resource for eradicating everyday pests like, roaches, termites, spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, birds, rats, squirrels and more  

Wasp Control Via Pest Control

Wasps are one of natures most amazing creations. These insects are highly resilient and resourceful. They come in a variety of species and using pest control to prevent and rid them calls for real expertise. Wasps come in generally two categories. Singular or colony. Colony wasps build nests and engage in cultural engineering. The hive is run by a queen wasp and all the workers are female. When it’s time to start a new colony, unfertilized eggs will turn into males and then certain eggs Read More +